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I want to help you realize the home repair or remodel of your dreams so today, I’m literally letting the cat out of the bag and revealing the truth about common misconceptions when it comes to remodeling your home or repairing damage to your home.

If you’re feeling…

  • Completely overwhelmed when you start thinking about what you want done, how you want it done, how much you want to spend and who you should hire to complete your repair or remodel project… OR
  • Unsure about how to go about finding and hiring a reliable contractor… AND
  • Like you could make a more informed decision if you only knew what questions you should be asking… PLUS
  • Frustrated with the lack of solid information you get no matter how many times you ask questions?

This article is PERFECT for you and I want you to rest assured that you’re not alone.

That’s why, in the name of reliable home repair and remodel services I want you to watch this video because it’s jam-packed with powerful, yet little-known facts that can keep smart homeowners – just like you – from falling for common myths and mistakes.

Misconception #1:

You Should Always Listen to the Contractor

Don’t mistake a cleverly disguised sales pitch or add-on for your own needs or desires. Always keep in mind what your priorities are including your end goal or vision, budget and timeline that you’ve set for your remodel or repair.

Work with a licensed contractor that prioritizes YOUR needs, offers a guarantee and explains what you are getting before taking your hard earned money.

Misconception #2:

All Contractor’s Are Basically the Same

Not true. In fact there are three types of contractors: general contractors who coordinate the project and hire and supervise trade contractors, general contractors who perform all of the work themselves and trade-specific contractors who are specialists at individual aspects such as paint, tile, electrical or plumbing, etc.

Who you hire should be determined on your specific needs, time constraints and budget.

Misconception #3:

All Contractors are Lazy

There’s this myth out there that hiring contract work can mean zero accountability and plenty of laziness and slacking on the job. Most everyone has a horror story or two, but the fact is that there are bad employees, bad bosses – there’s bad everything. So don’t assume that you’ll come across one of these bad contractors. Instead, focus on your needs, budget and timeline and interview several contractors until you find one that you trust, that is licensed, that understands what you want and can communicate effectively with you and who has references or testimonials regarding the quality of his past work.

Misconception #4:

The Cheapest or Most Expensive Estimate is the Best Choice

In all actuality the low bid isn’t likely to be top-rate work nor is the most expensive bid a guarantee of the best work.

Low price often equals the bare minimum service, it may not account for material fees, subcontractor labor, etc. This means that you’ll be facing an unexpected bill when your home repair or remodel project is completed.

An over-priced estimate is likely to account for excessive or upscale materials or subcontracting fees that may not be necessary.

Whether a low estimate or high estimate, make an informed decision so that you’re not spending more on your home repair or remodel that you really want or need.

To protect yourself, request an itemized invoice and receipts and make sure you have a written agreement stating the total price.

Misconception #5:

Having the right tools and materials is all a contractor needs to finish your remodel or repair on time, within budget and to your satisfaction.

This is completely misleading… and potentially dangerous!

Using state of the art tools, equipment, or techniques does not always mean getting desired results when there’s poorly trained, sometimes even untrained, subcontractors manipulating that equipment.

Work that is not performed properly can lead to code violations and safety hazards, so do your homework and be sure that your contractor is licensed and that their team of subcontractors is properly trained.

Misconception #6:

You have to eat up your own time managing your contractor

While you do have to put in the work to identify your goals and needs, set your budget and hire a contractor, a reputable contractor should be fully capable of managing himself and any subcontractors.

Once you’re sure your contractor knows what to do – and that should be taken care of by initial questions as well as the entire hiring process, it’s their job to make it happen. Answer their questions and support them when they need it, but otherwise let them do their job. They’ll never get into a nice groove if you’re constantly hovering around

That wraps up the six common misconceptions about remodeling or repairing damage to your home. Being informed will help you understand what to expect and how to avoid mistakes that can be costly and time consuming to your project goals. By this article today, you have made a decision to educate yourself and have taken one step closer to achieving the home repair or remodel of your dreams.