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I wanted to tell you that it has been a pleasure to work with you.  No matter what road block this process came across, you met the challenge with the patience of a Saint.  Which, I may add, includes being able to work with the quirks of my personality.

For as long as you remain in the general contracting business, please know that you can always count on me for a very satisfied customer reference.

Please tell any future clients that I always found you to be dependable, honest and fair.  You have always been upfront with the entire addition process.  You never failed at keeping me well informed as the project came along.  I was never left wondering what was going on or at what stage we were at.

I can assume that as a general contractor out at a job site, it could be very easy to overlook the little things that don’t affect you personally.  That being said, I would also like to make an honorable mention of how considerate you have been of the little things, which are of great importance to the homeowner!  It has mattered very much to me: taking my budget into consideration, the care that’s been taken around my existing landscaping, kindness to my house pets, kindness shown to my young daughter and always showing a great respect for my existing home and belongings.